Consumer Involvement

Consumer involvement is important at all levels of the Planning Group processes.  Consumers participate in the Consumer Committee and in other Committees of the Planning Group. In addition, the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act (RWTEA) recognizes the essential role of persons living with HIV disease in planning and implementing programs to successfully serve targeted populations by requiring that at least 33 percent of members be unaffiliated consumers and requiring that consumer members reflect the demographics of the population of individuals with HIV disease in the Eligible Metropolitan Area.

In addition to being a legislatively-mandated requirement, consumer participation in Part A programs has many benefits:

  • Consumer Perspective. People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH/A) provide a critical consumer perspective on RWTEA service planning, delivery, and evaluation. This occurs within a diverse membership that provides a forum for participants to interact.
  • Reality Check. PLWH/A help keep the planning council focused and on track by reminding them of the real issues facing PLWH/A and their families, and sharing their actual experiences in seeking and obtaining services.
  • Help in Needs Assessment. PLWH/A can help ensure that needs assessments consider the needs of PLWH/A from differing populations and geographic locations, including those receiving care and those not in care.
  • Identification of Service Barriers. PLWH/A can identify service barriers that may not be evident to others and can help plan to overcome those barriers.
  • Outreach. PLWH/A can help identify ways to reach PLWH/A communities that need to be served, including minority and other special populations with unmet need for services.
  • Quality Management. PLWH/A who are clients of Part A services can give direct feedback on the quality of services. Their input helps the planning council determine what services are needed and how best to meet service priorities.
  • Community Liaison. PLWH/A can provide an ongoing communications link with diverse segments of the community. They can bring community issues to the planning council and research and care information to the community.

Please note the following information:

Consumers can request childcare and travel expense reimbursement for attending Planning Group and subcommittee meetings. Instructions, eligibility information and reimbursement forms are available at each meeting and must be submitted to Planning Group Support staff for reimbursement which can take 30 days.

Spanish interpretation can be requested for Planning Group and subcommittee meetings by contacting Planning Group Support Staff 72 hours in advance.

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